There are about 6,500,000 car accident each year and nearly 40,000 related deaths and 3.5 million injuries.

Although no one plans on getting into an accident on the road and does their best to avoid them, it is inevitable that we will fall victim to it. There are various causes that might lead to a car accident. By hiring a competent Guam accident attorney, you can rest assured that you are getting good legal advice and representation for what promises to be a long and extremely stressful journey to compensation and recovery.

The last thing that the defendant’s insurance company wants is for you to contact a knowledgeable lawyer. The adjuster knows that an experienced car accident attorney will immediately get started on your claim by giving you good legal advice. Your Guam accident attorney will assist you by immediately taking several initial steps. One, your Guam accident attorney will preserve the value of your case by getting you to a good team of physicians depending on the extension of your injuries. And two, your attorney will quickly take care of your property damage by either aggressively negotiating with the opposing party’s insurance company or litigating your case.

If the car accident was the result of the other motorist’s negligence or reckless, you are entitled for the compensation of your pain and suffering, medical costs, and lost wages, as long as you were not the cause of the accident. It is very important that you know your rights and prevent the insurance companies from impeding on them. Your Guam accident attorney can help you get a good settlement by aggressively going after your rights to compensation as preserved by the law.

Additionally, your Guam personal injury attorney / lawyer will assist you in getting a rental car, getting your car repaired, and even qualifying you for a short-term case loan if you cannot work to pay your mortgage or rent as a result of your injuries. This is especially important if you have suffered extreme bodily injury and will not be able to work for a long period of time or even indefinitely.

Your Guam accident attorney will aggressively fight to settle your case for the maximum dollar settlement without having to go to trial. The decision on whether or not to go trial will ultimately be yours to make. However, a good lawyer will fight to be able to present you with both scenarios and will support your decision.

If you have been involved in a car accident and have sustained personal injuries, contact us, the Guam personal injury attorneys.


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