Thousands of people are hurt each year (some of them quite seriously) when they slip or trip and fall on unsafe flooring, down a set of stairs, or on a rough patch of ground. However, a personal injury lawyer / attorney in Guam can tell you that there will be times when the property owner is liable for your injuries, and there will be times when he or she is not.

If you’ve been hurt during a slip and fall incident, you should first take into consideration the fact that it is a normal part of life for things to fall or drip onto a floor or the ground, and for smooth surfaces to become uneven. Accordingly, property owners (or occupiers) can’t always be held liable for immediately picking up or cleaning up each and every slippery substance that falls on a floor, nor can he or she always be held responsible for someone slipping or tripping on an object that an ordinary person would expect to find there or should see and avoid. We do, after all, have a responsibility to watch where we are going. Nevertheless, property owners are required to carefully and appropriately maintain their property.

Even though there is no exact way to figure out when someone else is legally liable for something on which you slip or trip, a Guam personal injury lawyer will tell you that cases succeed or fail based on whether or not the property owner acted carefully so that the slipping or tripping was not likely to occur, as well as whether or not you were careless in not seeing or avoiding the thing on which you fell.

In order for a property owner or occupier to be held legally liable for your injuries from slipping or tripping and falling on his or her property, at least one of the following must be true:

  • The owner/occupier of the premises (or an employee thereof) must have been the cause of the spill, damaged area, or other slippery or hazardous surface or item to be underfoot.
  • The owner/occupier of the premises (or employee thereof) must have been aware of the hazardous condition, but he or she did nothing to rectify it.
  • The owner/occupier of the premises (or an employee thereof) should have been aware of the hazardous condition because any “reasonable” person maintaining the property would have noticed it and removed or repaired it.

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Many people often wonder who can be held responsible for an injury that occurs from a slip and fall accident.  


Many accidents that involve bicycles in Guam happen because the motorists who are driving larger vehicles simply do not see the individuals who are riding on bikes.

If you have ever been hit by a vehicle while on a bike, you are probably already well aware of this sad, but true, fact. That said, ensuring that justice is served in bicycle accidents calls for the determined skills of a Dededo injury lawyer who takes pride in fighting for those victims who sustain major injuries so that they receive the monetary settlement that they so desperately need and deserve. 

Who is responsible for my bicycle accident?

Whenever an individual on a bicycle is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle in Guam, there is no doubt as to which victim in the incident is the most susceptible to receiving injuries. As you might already know based on past experience, the injuries sustained during those accidents can be disastrous, and even fatal. That is why you need a Dededo accident lawyer to help you handle your case.

In many of these types of cases, determining who is responsible might not be as hard as you might think because it’s a known fact that the driver of the motor vehicle should have been aware of any possible victims on the road, to include individuals on bicycles (who are often kids). If a proper investigation is done, your lawyer should be able to present the most persuasive case with respect to fault and damages.

What can an attorney do?

A Dededo injury lawyer can specifically help you if: 

• You were hurt in a bicycle accident, and 

• You were unable to settle your claim with the insurance company without first speaking with an accident attorney.

Additionally, if you or your loved one were cycling and ultimately were hurt because of defective roads, poor signage, or poor road conditions, you will need to ensure that you obtain the services of an attorney who is prepared to handle cases that involve the liability of municipalities, townships, and even the state. If you believe that you need the services of such an attorney, you need to speak with a top Dededo accident lawyer, at Dededo Law Office.