Once you’ve had to deal with an insurance company regarding a personal injury claim, you will come to realize fairly quickly that having the skills and knowledge of a Guam personal injury lawyer to assist you will be money well spent.

For instance, you might find that you need a lawyer due to the complex nature of the law involved in your specific claim, or you might need one because of the severity of your injuries, which might cause your compensation to differ greatly from the norm. You might also need a Guam personal injury lawyer / attorney’s assistance because the insurance company simply refuses to settle the matter with you in good faith.

The personal injury insurance claim process begins when you go visit the doctor. Once a medical professional has treated you, you will be considered “injured.” When individuals claim such things, like headaches or similar ailments, the claims adjuster will not allow payments for pain and suffering unless he or she believes that the insurance company has a good chance to settle the claim on the day that you file. However, most adjusters will want to see some objective evidence of an injury before a settlement will be made.

The amount of your compensation is primarily determined by the extent of your injuries. And any Guam personal injury lawyer will tell you that the severity of your injuries will be measured by the amount of your medical bills, the types of injuries that you suffer from, and the amount of time that it takes for you to get better. As the amount of your possible compensation goes up, the range within which that compensation might fall will get bigger. In such instances, it might be well-worth the expense of a lawyer to handle your claim and ensure that you get the compensation at the highest end of the range where possible.

Most insurance companies will attempt to settle the personal injury insurance claim (as opposed to your personal injury “legal” claim) as soon as they believe they can get a settlement and release form from you. This form will serve as an agreement between you and the insurance company in which you agree not to present a legal claim against the liable party in exchange for a certain amount of money. If you choose not to settle, then the personal injury insurance claim will go on, and you will be required to follow a treatment schedule until you get better. Once you’ve gotten to that point, the insurance company will evaluate the claim and compare it to similar cases and settlement amounts or awards attained.

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